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7/29/2014: INCREDIBLE Things "Cufflinks Fit for Gob"

7/21/2014: GoodGreen "YOU gNeek Leather Lighter Cufflinks"

5/30/2014: GamenGadgets "Lighter Cufflinks"

5/20/2014: The Wedding Guide "The Kitchen Sink of Cufflinks"

4/22/2014: Fab "Working Fountain Pen Necklace"

2/2014: Gather State "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

1/25/2014: Burning Mood's Inside Advice "YOU gNeek Giveaway and Review"

12/21/2013: instructables "Pocket Travel Mini Lego Playset"

11/18/2013: "The Knife Cufflinks - Mini Blade Style for Your Dress Shirt"

11/2013: Gentlemint "The Lighter Cufflinks or How to Light a Cigar in Bond's Charming Style"

9/4/2013: SUPERCOMPRESSOR "Lighter Cufflinks"

9/4/2013: "Lifestyle for Him: Leather Lighter Cufflinks"

9/2013: Classy BRO "Lighter Cufflinks from Cool Gadgets"

6/2013: Wedding Pride "The Kitchen Sink of Cufflinks"

5/24/2013: Idealog "Friday Frivolities: Geeky Proposals, Fictional Boozers, Lighter Cufflinks, and More..."

5/4/2013: Imgur "Badass Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

4/9/2013: in stash "Mini Switchblade Necklace"

4/8/2013: THIS IS WHY IM BROKE "Mini Switchblade Necklace"

4/2/2013: Sliced Bread 2.0 "Bicycle Taxidermy, Butterfly Knife Cufflinks, and Unconventional Baking"

4/2013: Arteinsky "Lighter Cufflinks"

4/2013: GearHungry "Lighter Cufflinks"!bIzIE9

3/16/2013: FOUND SHIT "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

3/13/2013: Bang with Camino "Butterfly KNife Cufflinks WHen I'm Feeling LIke James Bond"

3/4/2013: Fashionably Geek "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks are not as Harmless as They Look"

3/11/2013: "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

2/27/2013: StupidDope "Awesome Accessories|Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

2/27/2013: Sneakhype "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

2/27/2013: Anorak "These Butterfly Knife Cufflinks Will Help You Cut a Dash"

2/26/2013: Gizmodo "James Bond Would Totally Rock These Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

2/26/2013: Soletopia "When Formal Meets Dangerous: Functional Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

2/4/2013: Rich Vibe "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

2/2013: Gadget Review "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks Slice Through Rope, Bras, Whatever You Need to Gain Access to"

2/2013: Gear Hungry "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"!bGT3co

2/2013 Hi Consumption "Stainless Steel Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

2/2013: Gadget Review "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks Slice Through Rope, Bras, Whatever You Need to Gain Access to"

2/2013 Design You Trust "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

1/27/2013: DIE FOR DESIGN "Steampunk Sunday - Lighter Cufflinks"

1/2013: Hi Consumption "Vintage Mini Lighter Cufflinks"

12/26/2012: bookofjoe "Knife Cufflinks"

12/8/2012: 100 Year Knives "Gift Knives and Knife Gifts"

11/22/2012: DROOL'D "Lighter Cufflinks for the James Bond in You"

11/21/2012: Complex “Light More Than Her Fire With These Bad Boys”

11/21/2012: Complex "Vintage Era Lighter Cufflinks"

11/20/2012: Cool Material  “They're functional; they're cool, and they'll add a little more Q branch to your Bond attire”

11/20/2012: Cool Material “They're functional; they're cool, and they'll add a little more Q branch to your Bond Attire”

11/19/2012: Southern Sass “The Warmest Thing You’ll Ever Wear”

11/19/2012: Geeks are Sexy "Amazing Star Wars ‘Starships And Fighters’ Clock” 

11/19/2012: Geeks are Sexy  “Amazing Star Wars ‘Starships And Fighters’ Clock”

11/19/2012: Southern Sass “The Warmest Thing You’ll Ever Wear”

8/11/2012: Fashion Invites "Little Pancakes Sweet, Geometric Jewelry on Fab. Sample Sales with Invites August 11, 2012"

7/24/2012: SNEAKHYPE "Lighter Cufflinks"

6/7/2012: uses for a pocket knife "Pocket Knife Cufflinks"

6/6/2012: "Pocket Knife Cufflinks"

6/4/2012: Technabob “Knife Cufflinks Will Make You Look Sharp”

6/4/2012: Gizmodo "Dress to Kill (or Just Prick) with a Set of Pocket Knife Cufflinks"

6/4/2012: The Mary Sue "You'll Look 'Sharp' with These Cufflinks that are Also Extremely Sharp Knives"

6/4/2012: Technabob "Knife Cufflinks Will Make You Look Sharp"

6/2012: Hi Consumption "Pocket Knife Cufflinks"

5/25/2012: Ian Brooks  “Star Trek Deep Space Nine Clock”

5/15/2012: Geeks are Sexy "Amazing Star Wars 'Starships and Fighters Clock'"

5/10/2012: Forces of Geek “If You Always Wanted to Say ‘It’s Half Past the At-At’ Then Here’s Your Chance with the Star Wars Clock”

5/10/2012: Word of the Nerd "Nerd Porn - We've Got to Give Those Fighters More Time!

5/29/2012: Que Interesante "Alladi-Gristead"

5/7/2012: SHUGARSHUG "Gadget Jewelry"

5/212: Green Head "Pocket Knife Cufflinks"

2/28/2012: Gadizmo “Look Stylish While Fending Off Attackers”

1/8/2012: gongfu brother "We like: Knife Cufflinks"

1/5/2012: Gadizmo "Lighters, Knives, Death Stars and Other Unique Cufflinks by YOUgNeek"

1/2/2012: ektopia "Knife Cufflinks"

2012: WE THE URBAN "Cool Find: Lighter Cufflinks"

12/17/2011: the monki "Knife Cufflinks"

12/15/2011: Who Killed Bambi? "Knife Cufflinks"

12/11/2011: "Knife Cufflinks"

12/2/2011: Oh Gizmo! "These Stainless Steel Knife Cufflinks Look Sharp"

12/1/2011: DVICE "Look 'Sharp' at Parties with These Working Knife Cufflinks"

12/2011: Green Head "Real Working Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

11/7/2011: "Star Wars Starships Wall Clock"

10/27/2011: The Gadgeteer "Fire from Your Wrists? Oh Yes You Can"

10/24/2011: STUPIDDOPE "James Bond Style Lighter Cufflinks"

10/21/2011: Juxtapoz "Lighter Cufflinks for that Special Occasion"

10/21/2011: Dirty Soup "Real Lighters Real Cufflinks"

10/20/2011: Cool Material "Lighter Cufflinks"

10/2011: materialicious "Lighter Cufflinks"

8/04/2011: technabob "Tiny Knife Earrings: Vincent Van Gogh Had a Pair, But Lost One of Them"

7/26/2011: PRWeb "Sparks Fly with YOU gNeek's 'You Light My Fire Working Lighter Cufflinks' at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards GBK Gift Lounge"

6/28/2011: PRWeb "GBK and Friends Help March of Dimes Raise $280,000"

6/22/2011: Expansió "With the Fire at Hand"

6/12/2011: Splash Magazine "GBK MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge Review - 'Vintage Cinema' Themed Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards"

6/7/2011: PRWeb "Vintage Cinema" Themed Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards Created Quite the Buzz

6/7/2011: Huffington Post "The 2011 MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suites"

6/6/2011: Huffington Post "The 2011 MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suites"

6/2011: LUUUX "Renee Olstead Looks Sharp in Knife Earrings"

5/5/2011: TrendBlast "Miniature Lighter Cufflinks"

2011: LA Splash "Holiday Style and Fashion Gifts 2011 Over $50"

2010: askmen "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

9/30/2010: UGO "The Ultimate Star Trek Gift Guide"

8/24/2010: Gadgetsin "Star Trek Starships Clock"

7/27/2010: GadgetSin "Star Wars Vehicles and Starships Clock"

3/14/2010: Rare Bird Finds "Folding Knife Earrings"

2/2010: The Redhead Riter "Giveaway – YOU gNeek Necklace"

10/7/2009: Craziest Gadgets "Cufflinks That are Also Mini Lighters"

10/7/2009: Mr. Gadget "Lighter Cufflinks: Smoker's Delight"

10/7/2009: We Interrupt "Tiny Lighter Vintage Lighter Cufflinks are Both Functional and Elegant"

10/6/2009:  Gizmodo "Smokin' Hot Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

10/6/2009: MAKE Magazine "Tiny Light Cufflinks"

10/6/2009: technabob "Boy You Lookin' Hot: Mini Lighter Cufflinks"

10/6/2009:  GearFuse "Mini Lighter Cufflinks"

10/6/2009: GadgetReview "Smoke 'Em if You Flaunt 'Em: Cufflink Mini-Lighters"

10/6/2009:"Mini Working Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

10/3/2009: Guest of a Guest "The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts...Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

10/2009: The Awesomer "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

9/29/2009: "Real Lighter Cufflinks"

9/28/2009: Thrillest Boston "YOU gNeek"

9/25/2009: "Awesome Lighter Cufflinks"

9/23/2009: "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks - Coolest Way to Set Your Arms on Fire"

9/23/2009: boingboing "Working Cigarette Lighter Cufflinks"

9/23/2009: Plunder Guide "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

9/23/2009: joonbug "Come on Baby Light My Fire"

9/23/2009: boingboing "Working Cigarette Lighter Cufflinks"

9/23/2009: uncrate "Working Cigarette Lighter Cufflinks"

9/22/2009: UrbanDaddy NYC "On the Cuff: Lighting Up with Your Cufflinks"

9/22/2009: StyleCrave "Vintage, Working Lighter Cufflinks"

9/21/2009: Cool Material "What Men Really Want"

5/3/2009: io9 "Timekeeping, the Final Frontier"

4/28/2009: Gizmodo "A Star Trek Clock Built From Micro Machines"

4/28/2009: Geeky Gadgets "The Star Trek Clock"

4/28/2009: TechCrunch "Damn It, Jim: Handmade Star Trek Clock"

4/8/2009: Gizmodo "A Star Trek Clock Built from Micro Machines"

02/2/2009: Gizmodiva "Star Wars Clock Promises to Entertain You Every Hour of the Day"

1/3/2009: GEEKOLOGIE "It's a Trap! Homemade Star Wars Clock"

1/2/2009: Club Jade "It's Always Star Wars Time with a Spaceship Clock"

1/2/2009: TRENDHUNTER "Personalized Clock for Nerds"

1/2/2009: io9 "It's Always Space Battle O'Clock with Star Wars Clock"

1/2/2009: CrunchGear "Time (Get it?) for a Star Wars Clock?"

The Awesomer "Knife Cufflinks"

Bonjour Life "Cool and Unusual Knife Cufflinks"

Bonjour Life "REAL WORKING Tiny Switchblade Knife Necklace"

Michael C. Fina "Mini Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

The Awesomer Shop "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks"

Incredible Things "Cutting Edge Knife Cufflinks"

Fancy "Butterfly Knife Cufflinks" "Men's Pocket Knife Cufflinks"

The Awesomer "Star Trek Clock"

Cool Material "Lighter Cufflinks"

uncrate "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

Latemag "Vintage Lighter Cufflinks"

Secret Entourage "7 Cufflinks Worth Checking Out"

A Creative Blog "Creative Cufflinks Design"

Cool Pile "The Lighter Cufflinks Or How To Light A Cigar In Bond’s Charming Style"

"Cutting Edge Knife Cufflinks"

INCREDIBLE Things "Cutting Edge Knife Cufflinks"

Oh Look Honey! "Mini Switchblade Necklace"