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Ouija Compass Necklace

  • Working Ouija Compass Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain really works!
  • Let the spirits guide you with this working Ouija compass necklace
  • Mystical and beautiful spinning Ouija board compass really points north . . . or do the spirits point you somewhere else?
  • Need a guide? This working Ouija Compass necklace on a sterling silver chain can guarantee you will never get lost.
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  • Wear your working Ouija Compass Necklace while consulting your full-sized Ouija board!
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Product Description

Ouija Board Mini Compass Sterling Chain Necklace: the Spirits will Guide YOU!

*This item ships in 3 business days.

The Ouija Board Compass Necklace is a FULLY functioning glass and metal compass with a Ouija board background. It measures 20mm in diameter (approximately 0.75in). The necklace features a loop on top of an 16in sterling chain. The shorter chain length sits high on your neck to allow visibility and isn't lost in the folds of shirts or collars. If you prefer an 18in or longer chain, please let me know when you add the item to your cart. It comes with a gift tin with a mini Ouija board and planchette bead inside.

The needle on the compass really works and spins around wildly to point north...OR DOES IT? I removed the north indicator so only you know it is a compass. I sealed the Ouija board in the compass tightly, but cannot guarantee it is completely waterproof so please don't wear it in the shower. Please note that the compass is delicate and to handle it with care.

Have a great time facing different directions and see if you summon the spirits to spell words. You can hold the mini compass flat to let the spirits guide you where they want you to go. If the mini compass does not lie perfectly flat, you may be able to manipulate the needle, thus amazing your friends with the accuracy of the answers to their questions to the spirits. You can play with the Ouija Board Compass for hours and hours, and boy is it ever a conversation starter and makes a great gift! This is truly a unique, I mean, YOU gNeek item, that everyone will hover around you at work and play and talk about it long afterwards. 

It took me a while to find the perfect compass for this purpose. I collected compasses for 2 decades and even though I possess over 30 other compass items yet to be listed, I am sooooo excited about this one that I had to list this at 3 a.m.

The Ouija Board Compass is also available as cufflinks!! A Ouija board ring is in development that you can manipulate with a magnet if the spirits are not speaking to you. It will be called "I Feel Dead People." Please contact me if you are interested! 

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